Mechanism of action

B-Cure Laser Dental Pro’s
Mode of Action
LLLT involves the transmission of coherent red and near-infrared light energy at wavelengths that are able to pass into and through the body up to depths of 40 mm. Laser light may influence even deeper tissues due to its known cascade effect. As the laser passes into and through the body it generates a wide range of effects on physiological mechanisms and processes at […]

B-Cure Dental Pro

B-Cure Laser Dental Pro, the Innovative, Effective Treatment
for Post-Dental Procedures

B-Cure Laser Pro is a new solution that puts a simple, safe and mobile device in the hands of the dentist thus helping patients during the post-treatment recuperation process by reducing pain and swelling and getting them back to their normal lives quicker. The B-Cure Laser Dental Pro provides improved clinical efficacy, significantly reduced
treatment duration, shortened healing and rehabilitation period […]

What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) involves the transmission of coherent red and nearinfrared light energy at wavelengths able to pass into and through the body at depths of up to 40 mm.It is referred to as ‘low level’ because the energy or power density is low compared toother forms of laser therapy used for ablation, cutting and thermally coagulating tissue. LLLT is also known as ‘soft’ or ‘cold’ therapy […]