““I performed eight implants on the lower jaw of a 48 year old man patient in one day. The patient was treated with antibiotics and pain killers for a week. The patient  was sent home with the B-CURE LASER and was asked to treat only the right side of his mouth. A week later, the patient came for a review and reported that the pain on the right side was significantly lower than the left. I routinely give my patients the B-CURE LASER and recommend that they use it after transplants.””
Dr. Gil Munish, Private Clinic
““Normally, a day after surgical procedure such as implants, peri-implantitis, apicoectomy, surgical extraction, periodontal surgery etc.the patient presents with swelling and pain. With the use of Good Energies B-Cure Laser Dental Pro for 8 minutes prior to and immediately following surgery followed up by several further treatments at home in the first 24 hours after surgery, I observe: • Only moderate swelling • Either moderate or no pain and in most cases there is no need for more than one tablet of pain medicine • Healing process of soft tissue is accelerated • No side effects.”
Dr Avi Reyhanian, Oral Surgen
““I received a B-Cure Laser device one month ago and have had patients with
chronic TMD musculoskeletal face pain use it in my office. The response has been significant. Some patients immediately wanted to purchase the device for home use. While it is understood that chronic pain is multifactorial and requires a interdisciplinary approach, their symptom improvement is consistent with studies like “Does Low Intensity Lase Therapy Reduce Pain and Change Orofacial
Myofunctional Conditions”by M Melchior, GC Venezian, BCZ Machado, etal,
( J. of Cranio Mandibular & Sleep Practice, April 2013,vol31,No2 page133-139.)”
Dr Larry Z. Lockerman, DDS